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Restaurants now catering to online delivery options
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Restaurants now catering to online delivery options 

By: Tom Hanson | CBS News
February 7, 2020

Food delivery apps have gained massive popularity nationwide. This trend has led restaurants to change the way their kitchen’s work to better capitalize on the growing demand.

One restaurant chain, “B Good”, in Chicago operates as a ghost kitchen. The term refers the fact that the dishes made there are for delivery only.

William Burns, the General Manager of B Good, explains, “As real estate prices go up and rents go up in prime locations here in downtown Chicago, there’s restaurants that are looking to have their footprint here in the city that just can’t afford to do your traditional brick and mortar.”

It’s not just these “ghost kitchens” that are taking advantage of these services. Established restaurants are transforming their kitchens as well.

Frato’s in Illinois is known for its pizza, but now the company makes sandwiches for delivery in the same kitchen under the name Cheesy Deliciousness.

In San Francisco, a business for known for Roast Beef uses the kitchen for separate delivery only restaurants that specialize in chicken and even ice-cream.

The owner of these restaurants says, “You can use your existing team and just brings in more, you know, opportunities that make more sales overall.”

Experts say it’s a business model that’s just taking off. Market analysts are predicting even more growth in digital restaurant orders within the year.

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