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Maxis launches Malaysia’s first Usage-Based Internet for businesses
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Maxis launches Malaysia’s first Usage-Based Internet for businesses 

WITH the demands of businesses rapidly changing throughout the movement control order (MCO) phases, the balance between managing costs without compromising on quality is quickly becoming a tightrope act.

To cater to businesses’ evolving needs, Maxis has introduced the country’s first pay-per-use direct internet access (DIA) service: Maxis Usage-Based Internet.

It will be the first time that businesses are able to hop on to the pay-per-use bandwagon for enterprise-grade connectivity on a macro scale.

Maxis chief enterprise business officer Paul McManus said that it is absolutely vital for businesses to find the right balance between accelerating their digital aspirations to ensure that they are future-ready and managing costs.

“Usage-Based Internet is a smart, innovative, flexible and scalable solution on the best network and allows businesses to optimise their investments based on shifting and seasonal business demands, ” he said.

Backed by Maxis Programmable Network (MPN), you can expect enterprise-grade connectivity and around-the-clock support by Maxis’ tech team.

Maxis Programmable Network is powered by software-defined network (SDN) technology, the first in Malaysia that is Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) 3.0 certified and empowers businesses with real-time network automation and intelligent insights.

More importantly, this will help businesses in their continued digitisation efforts in this era of the new normal.

You can think of Maxis Usage-Based Internet as a direct superhighway from your workplace to the Internet. As each lane is specifically dedicated to a particular customer, users will receive the maximum amount of bandwidth all the time.

This is especially useful for companies during peak business hours so that their connection remains uninterrupted. Additionally, the minimum monthly commitment for each plan comes with free quota and bill capping – ensuring no bill shock or surprise.

The smarter choice for business

Businesses only need to pay for their actual consumption with Maxis Usage-Based Internet, which will help them save up to 50% in operation costs, ensuring that no value is lost through unproductive costs.

As an example of a use case, some businesses may have experienced low office internet usage, especially for those whose staff work from home since the MCO was implemented. With Maxis’ flexible business Internet plan, these businesses can save costs as they will only need to pay for what they use.

They can also enjoy three times more bandwidth for increased performance as Maxis Usage-Based Internet runs on a cloud-ready network. Investing in it would essentially future-proof their business for digital growth.

Maxis currently offers entry-level packages starting at RM999 per month with up to 100Mbps dedicated bandwidth. This means that even smaller businesses can easily use this plan and upgrade in the future if necessary.

Furthermore, businesses that see a seasonal demand in their line of work, like those in the hotel industry or even for schools and universities, will have periods where they see a lull in their Internet consumption. Since Maxis Usage-Based Internet, like its namesake, is flexible, businesses can expect to pay only the minimum fee during off-peak seasons for continued savings.

Some business applications are critical and latency-sensitive. So, if internet connectivity is slow or gets cut off completely, the entire operation would be jeopardised.

Maxis Usage-Based Internet comes with 100% bandwidth guarantee, up to 99.7% Service Level Availability (SLA) with Maxis Enterprise-grade Managed Services and a 24/7 support line.

All this translates into uninterrupted high-speed Internet for any business to run their mission-critical communications with consistent and reliable connectivity.

To learn more about Maxis usage-based Internet or to sign up for the plans, go to

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