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Fun Run Challenge Day 2 – Running Shoes

Fun Run Challenge Day 2 – Running Shoes 

FUN RUN Challenge Day 2 is all about Running Shoes. Share your pics on Instagram for the photo a day updates! And watch the video for Running Shoes TIPS!

FUN RUN Challenge – Day 2

What Running Shoes are you wearing right now? What color are they??

My Current Running Shoes & TIPS

Ran 3 shake off miles to see how my knee felt (it’s been oddly unhappy).

These running shoes are Hokas – I usually prefer BRIGHT PINK shoes but I say why I got black shoes in my stories video.

They’re very big and cushiony!

I passed this seashell on a run at the beach last week & had to go back for a picture.

Q: What are your running shoes??

Share a pic of your Running Shoes and tag @RunEatRepeat and use hashtag #RunEatRepeat


Fun RUN challenge Instagram @RunEatRepeat

Get more information on the FUN RUN Challenge on this post: FUN RUN Challenge Calendar & info

Get the printable Challenge Calendar & Running Log here: FUN RUN Challenge sign up


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