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Dried Flowers Inspired by Ikebana
Interior Design

Dried Flowers Inspired by Ikebana 

In my pictures, you see Lagurus, Ruscus, Limonium, Boton Mini, Clover and Hydrangea (from our garden). I like this little grouping as the flowers not only differ in length but also in shape.

These delicate flower pedestals look very nice on your autumnal table or safely stored under a cloche on a shelf for example. You can even use glue in the holes that you make, paint the wooden bases in your favorite colors, or modify the colors to turn into something with a Holiday-theme. Get creative and have fun!

I am wishing you a beautiful and cozy remaining autumn. Stay safe and sound during this difficult time!

Love, Anke

(Photos/Styling: Anke Illner. Text: Anke Illner, Holly Becker)

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