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Celebrity nutritionist shares food tips to promote health and immunity of kids

Celebrity nutritionist shares food tips to promote health and immunity of kids 

Till date we all have been talking about professionals balancing diet and work at home during the pandemic. But what about kids, who are stuck at home with no physical outdoor activities and continuous assignments and long hours in front of laptop/desktop screens?

Recently, celebrity nutritionist and author Rujuta Diweka took to her official Facebook page and talked about tips that need to be taken care of in context of kids. She titled the post “5 food tips for kids and teens during #schoolfromhome.” So, if you also have a kid at home, take note of her tips and get going.

1. Have a fresh fruit
Rujuta suggests serving either banana or mango milkshake or aamras as a meal or along with homemade nashta like poha/ Upma/ idli/ dosa, because they are rich in vitamins and polyphenols – aid digestion and act as mood enhancer, reduce craving for junk food.

2. Legumes and rice for lunch

Chana/ rajma/ chole/ moong/ matki or any local legume, soaked overnight and well cooked the next day when served with rice and homemade chaas, give kids the required dose of pre & probiotic, mineral and amino acid. The diet is also easy to digest.

3. Bowl of dahi set with black raisins

In Rujuta’s opinion, this combination can be relished anytime during the day, as it regulates appetite and is also rich in B12 & iron, beats the heat & lethargy and also improves hormonal health.

4. Early dinner by 7pm

She suggests serving paneer paratha/ poori sabzi/ roti sabzi roll/ ajwain paratha/ jowar or nachni bhakri with aloo bhaji/ veg pulao with raita and homemade deep fried papad, as last meal of the day between 7-8 pm. These food items complete your daily nutrition profile and keep you healthy. To manage the cravings of kids, she suggests serving homemade pizza/ pasta/ pav bhaji or anything fancy once a week, but that too not beyond 7 pm.

5. Haldi doodh post dinner

Haldi doodh or mango milkshake or gulkand milk or fresh mango or banana around bedtime to manage late evening hunger and also helps manage good sleep.

In her social media post she concludes with a tip, where she promotes involving kids in planning and cooking the meals, as it helps them learn and at the same time works as a fruitful distraction from regular studies.

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