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Category: Health


Baby 2 Third Trimester Recap 

The last few weeks of pregnancy are some of the longest and hardest. Every part of me aches from the pressure and weight, and since the baby is fully grown in there, all of his movements feel that much more sweeping and forceful. Combine those…


3 Easy IT Band Stretches 

I like my stretches like I like my running routes = Easy.You (or your running buddy) asked for my fave IT Band stretches in the @runeatrepeat stories.IT Band syndrome is super common in female runners.🚫 Tight IT band = Knee Pain 3 Easy IT Band Stretches…


Fall Activities to Burn Calories 

Cooler weather and outdoor activities are part of what make fall fantastic. But this can also be a great opportunity to up the ante on your calorie burning potential. Getting outside and moving more automatically puts you at a major advantage to sitting indoors in…