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6 Fluid Art Pouring Techniques to Try
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6 Fluid Art Pouring Techniques to Try 

Acrylic Pour with Sink Strainer

Step 1

Place the strainer in the middle of the canvas. Start off pouring pre mixed white paint into the strainer until you see it flowing out of the holes on to the canvas.

Swirl Pour Tree Technique

Step 1

Place your canvas on supports in a tray to catch any drips. Add layers of the pre-prepared paints in an empty cup. Alternate paint colours in differing amounts. When layering the paints in the cup remember the first colour in will be the last colour poured out.

Dirty Flip with a Shop Glass

Step 1

Wooden Craft shapes make fantastic surfaces to decorate with acrylic pouring. These can be quite small so a plastic shot glass makes a perfect size container for a ‘dirty flip’ pour. 

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